Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

6pm at NRaged

WOD: "Sandy"
- 15 OHS
- 45 straight leg sit ups
- 15 pull ups
- 45 double unders
- 15 T2B
- 45 HR push ups

Weight/Specs: 65lb, 30 push ups (1/2 from knees)
Result: 31:54
Notes: HOLY CORE! Not real happy with my time, especially since I modified. But my shoulders just aren't having push ups. I would rather do 30 decent ones and keep up the time, than struggle to get through 45 and look balls ugly. I started to figure out kip before class but the OHS killed my shoulders to be able to string. Progress, though! Doubles were great 2nd round... If someone had been next to me... next time :)

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