Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012

10am Open Gym at KOA

WOD 1: Modified PUMP games WOD:
- 30 Push press
- 40 PUMP sit ups (10lb plate- behind head to feet)
- 300yd shuddle run- 30 yards
- 40 PUMP sit ups
- 30 Push press

Weight: 65lb, 10lb
Result: 9:24
Notes: Supposed to be back squat, but I squatted yesterday so I wanted to lay off legs. Press combined with the sit ups were killer.

- 15 KBS
- 12 Box jump
- 6 HR push ups

Weight/Specs: 35lb, 20"
Result: 9:09
Notes: Figured out the whole "bring the bell straight down" thing- wayyyy better. Push ups actually felt good, did every round unbroken.

Also worked with Josh on snatch- bounce from hip. Sweet deal. I'll work on it more. Hopefully I don't bruise the shit outta my crotch bone :-P

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