Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 32, Activity

2 laps around Neshaminy Mall- 2.2 miles of sunny wonderfulness! Brisk, but soo sunny... I want summer.... haha

5:30 class

Warm Up: Day 8- snatch, OHS, KBS
KBS- was squatting before I brought the weight down.... wrong! haha thanks CP :) Don't start to squat until bell is waistish high. And don't squat so low.

Strength: Weighted pull ups- progression- dead weight pull ups. Blue x 5, red x 5, purple x 5. AND 1 kipping pull up. Yay :) Next time stick with purple for practice. And I should probably move to red for regular WOD exercises.

WOD: 20 min AMRAP
15 air squats
10 flutter kick (4 count)
5 inchworm (touch toes to plank to touch toes)

Result: 17 complete
Notes: Rocked it out, as I should have considering it was a body weight only, high cardio style workout, aka the world of workouts that I came from (haha!) Had to be reminded to push my knees out on squats (I tend to keep my legs straight/knees in when I'm not paying attention). Also, on inchworms, going up onto finger tips helped the walk back. And on flutter kicks- toes pointed does not work for me! Although maybe I should work on that...

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