Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 37, Activity

2 laps around Neshaminy Mall- 2.2 miles- against gale force winds! It was pretty awesome- needing to resist the wind creates an extra core workout

5:30 Class

Warm up: Double Unders, HSPU, Back squat
I feel like I am on the verge of the double under thing. It's so mental, though...

Strength: Deadlift week 2
95x5 (forgot it was week 2, haha), 110x3, 120x6

WOD: "Everybody Clap Your Hands"
20-16-12-8-4 For time
Clapping push ups
Pistols, alternating legs

Weight/Specs: On knees for push ups
Result: 13:53
Notes: Crap. I messed up the first two rounds of clapping push ups- didn't bring my thighs off mat. Pistols killed b/c still sore from Saturday. Once I got clapping push ups down, though, felt good.

WOD 2: (yea, thats right ;)
3 Rounds for time
3 Strict pull ups
5 Thrusters
6 Kipping pull ups
10 Front squat
9 Jumping pull ups
15 Push press

Weight/specs: Red band (finally!) for strict and kipping pull ups, 50# for lifts
Result: 11:38? I think. haha felt good to finish I wasn't paying much attention to time.
Notes: Rock on. Now I don't feel so bad for f*$^ing up clapping push ups in the first WOD. I did 50# b/c of push press, but I really feel like I could have gone higher. Getting better at kipping pull ups- rhythm wise.

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