Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

10am open gym at CrossFit KOA, with my team, yo!

WOD: Partner WOD, 5 rounds for time
Partner 1:
- 12 back squat
- 15 v-ups
Partner 2:
- Farmer hold dumbbell (heavy)

Weight: 103 squats, 50lb DB
Result: 11:45
Notes: F*&$ing heavy. Pushed through the back squats. I need a video... Next time, farmer hold, if drop- 10 burpee penalty. I used hook grip. Good call, Bridget.

Cash out- 100 double unders.
- I keep straight on about the first 40-45. Then did double single. Really need to keep working on keeping my feet down and just jumping higher.

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