Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 1 21DSD

Official day 1! And I've already cheated, ha! Blasphemy.

Breakfast- 7:30am
3 egg omelet with bacon and spinach. I think bacon is the cheat... and I'm sure it wasn't cooked in coconut oil. I kinda forgot about the bacon thing when I ordered. Cooking oil isn't much I can help when I'm on the road :(
Chia tea (weaning down caffeine)

Lunch- 1:15pm
3 cup salad (spinach, spring mix, carrots) with 6 olives, 4 thin slices of tomato, 5oz chicken, 1/2 avocado, and 1 tbs olive oil

Lotsa water throughout the day.

Snack- 5pm
Carrot stick with little bit of coconut oil

Post WOD- 7pm
1/2 scoop protein powder- yes, I'm sure it was sweetened.

Dinner- 8:45pm
5oz Salmon with Jamaican Jerk seasoning, 2 small white potatoes sauteed with paprika in olive oil.

Okay so three fails today- bacon (probably cured with sugar), protein powder (sweetened), and white potatoes (although I have the athlete "modification").

On it again tomorrow. I already miss my nuts. Fruits not so much. Mango black tea? *tear* only 20 more days!

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