Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 12 21DSD

Hotel eggs. Probably powdered. Totally gross. I'm sure not real :( 3 strips of bacon, I'm sure not organic or uncured :(

A few pieces of kale, raw summer squash, tomatoes, 5 black olives, some onions, and a bunch of lunch meat- turkey and ham. I'm sure not paleo. But I can't go hungry :(

Lettuce salad. Yes. That was it. No garden salad for me... with olive oil and red vinegar. 6oz filet with mushrooms and a red wine demi glaze, summer squash with butter, roasted new potatoes. Sorry, didn't have much of a choice while out at the work function :( I was starving so I ate the potatoes. I've worked out hard the past three days...
Green tea.

About 80oz water throughout day.

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