Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 20, food contd & Day 21 food

Saturday wasn't exactly the best day for my diet. I had a snack of grapes and almonds before the funeral service at 11am. We stopped at Chickies and Petes for a shot before eating at the fire house reception around 4. I had green beans and tomatoes, warm broccoli salad, ham with pineapple, roasted chicken thighs/drumsticks, some salad, part of a brownie, icing, and pie. Then we went to the elks where I downed a few cold beers and ate more chicken, salad, and I broke down and had some meatballs. And half a sticky bun, fresh fruit, and tons of icing. Next off to Chickies again for a few glasses of wine, and a few handfuls of crab fries. But it didn't end there... followed by a few handfuls of tortilla chips with chunky peanut butter, a big handful of sour cream and onion chips, more tortilla chips with sunflower butter, a few handfuls of granola, cheese nips, and gorged myself on trail mix composed of peanuts, chocolate, and raisins.
Yep, I am feeling it today. So far today I've had coffee and some fresh cranberries. Maybe I'll be hungry later, just not now...

"No-atmeal", 12oz black tea

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