Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 25, Activity

About 30 minutes snow shoveling and cleaning off my truck

5:30 class

Warm up: Day 6- push up, pull up, thruster. Doing slightly better on my "kip" for pull up. Thrusters I need to focus on active shoulders- up and not back. Remember to push my head through, not arms back

Strength: Deadlift Wendler week 1
90#x5, 100#x5, 115#x5+6=11

WOD: 5-4-3-2-1 For time
Muscle up
Bear complex (clean from ground, front squat to overhead, back squat to overhead, back to ground)

Weight/specs: Muscle up progression: (2 pull up+2 ring dips=1) blue band and purple band. 50# complex
Result: 7:50
Notes: Awesome! I went lower on weight again and was able to blow through the WOD. In fact I could have gone a little quicker, but I did not want to compromise form. Need to work on ring dips, but felt great on pull ups. Complex was neat; back squat to overhead (thruster) was tough though b/c of my wrists... I need wraps!!

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